Tokio Hotel, Stockholm, September 8 – Part 4

This is the last part!

When the guys had shook our hands they walked up to everyone one more time to sign whatever we had brought with us. I misunderstood and thought they would make two signing rounds, signing one thing at a time (haha, silly me!) so I only held out the book I brought. Then I noticed they went to the wall for the photos and started putting their pens away – so I asked them, across the room, if they could sign my t-shirt as well. Yes, of course, they answered, got the t-shirt from my hands and put it up against the wall while signing it. Then Georg came back with it, smiling… If only he could stop smiling at me! *melting* No, by the way, I regret saying that!

Some of us brought gifts. Flowers, t-shirts… I said happy birthday to Gustav and gave him the gift from the girl outside the hotel. And I had my letter/card… I went to give it to Georg – and just as he reached out and took it, Bill grabbed it from Georg’s hand, saying “Thank you!” – so typical of Bill, haha!

Then it was time for the photographs to be taken. We started from my end of the line, so I was number three. My knees were trembling when I walked up to them. They were standing there, smiling, looking at me – and I got to stand between Bill and Georg. Such happiness! *haha* I was going to put my arms around them, but Bill – who is normally tall (190 cm) – wore shoes with heels, so he was extra tall! And I didn’t feel like risking putting my arm too far down… It felt wrong to only put my arm around Georg, so I was content with just touching them… But Bill put his arm around my back, and it felt wonderful!

One thing I’ll never forget – the girl who took the photos took two photos of me with the guys, because she thought the first one wasn’t that good. When she’d taken the second photo she said “Perfect”, kind of quietly. Then Tom said “Perfecto!” with a bit of accent, for fun – and that made me smile. And the next second, as I was on my way back to my place, I heard Bill saying behind my back: “Perfecto!” with even MORE of an accent! Hahah, I just felt like laughing out loud, it’s so typical of the twins! I don’t really remember what I did, but I did get my camera and went back to my place, and I think I turned to look at the guys also, smiling because of that “Perfecto!”…

There were a couple of small boys who were also photographed together with the band, one at a time. The guys smiled when the first boy was standing with them, I guess they thought he was cute. Then an even smaller boy went up to them, he was sooo cute! And the guys (and we) just exclaimed “awww!!!”. You should have seen Bill’s giant smile! Everyone in the band was smiling, it looked wonderful! Even Gustav had a smile in the corners of his mouth, hihi!

The meeting with the band ended after about 15 minutes, so it actually went by quite fast. But it still felt relaxed, much thanks to how relaxed and calm the guys themselves were. It was noticable that they enjoyed meeting us, even though they were tired after all the interviews. After they left the room we went back to the main entrance where we left the hotel. As we went out the doors we had hundreds of flashes in our faces! Haha, a lot of fans came to take photos of us as we left. It felt like we were celebrities or something. Then I got to talk about the Meet & Greet to a lot of curious fans, showing photos, and I was happy to.

An hour later Tokio Hotel finally went out to us. I am SO happy they didn’t leave through the backdoor! Everyone who had waited for 10-11 hours (or shorter than that too) were really worthy of meeting them for those 3 minutes outside the hotel as they were giving autographs. I didn’t care about autographs. I stood by their car instead, filming it all (and trying to avoid everyone else beside me who were also filming and being in my way, and their bodyguards). The guys walked only one metre or less in front of me. We sang “Happy Birthday” to Gustav, and he applauded us. I’m sure he appreciated it! Then they jumped into their car, and I was standing right by the window, looking at them. They weren’t that easy to see through the toned windows, I could only see four shadows. But they were sitting there watching us all, so I just smiled and waved until they left.

And then the day was over. The guys went to Arlanda to go to Finland, and I walked with Madde and her two friends to the Central Station. Thank you for going with me! It was great to meet you (again) and talk so much!

Also, a huge THANK YOU to Universal Music! I’ve been dreaming about this for years, and you gave me the best day of my life (so far)! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Tokio Hotel, Stockholm, September 8 – Part 4

  1. Anchi

    Jag såg din video, och jag är så himla glad och tacksam över att du filmade just därifrån du gjorde! Haha. Man ser mig tillsammans med Bill och Tom och det är ju verkligen ett riktigt bevis på att jag faktiskt HAR träffat dom, jag som har lite svårt att tro det.. ;p så *tack* för att du filmade, och tack för att du delar med dig!

  2. EMMA

    ÅH! Du ska bara veta hur lyckligt lottad du är. Jag sitter och leer åt alltihopa och tro mig, jag läste ALLT! Tack för att du skrev så långt, och så detaljerat så alla vi fans som inte fick en chans att träffa dem iaf kan få veta lite hur de är.

    Jag träffade faktiskt dig utanför hotellet, satt breve angeline och dem. haha 8))

    ÅH jag skulle göra nästan vad som helst för att få en sån chans, jag dör. VILL OCKSÅ!

    Ses vi på stockholms konserten“? 😀 du kan ju höra v dig, skriver min mejl.

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