Another Royal Engagement

Oh, I still haven’t written about today’s news! Today the princess Madeleine announced her engagement with Jonas Bergström! He proposed to her on June 12, but she wasn’t allowed to show the ring in public until today. How tough to must have waited so long! But they’ve had all summer together, and they say they’ve enjoyed that.

Jonas will get the title Duke, and will share the princess’ duchies, but he won’t become a prince. He will keep working as a lawyer and the wedding will take place some time after the election next year. It will probably be a winter wedding in 2010.

I’m happy for them! They’ve been together for seven years, so it’s fun that they could finally get engaged. They look pretty together, and happy. And the princess… She’s so beautiful! I would be happy if I could have half of her prettiness!

Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergström

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / Scanpix (from

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