New Moon

Yesterday evening I finally went to see New Moon in the cinema! I finally decided to go alone and see it, because I didn’t find anyone to go together with. That’s sad, in a way, but in a way I didn’t care that much. It almost felt good to go all alone and totally relax in front of the movie.

At least I definitely don’t regret watching it! What a movie! After watching Twilight I was a bit sceptical. I did like the movie, but I wasn’t totally satisfied. It wasn’t that similar to the novel, that’s probably why. But then I’ve watched it many more times, and I like it more and more. But I loved New Moon right away. One huge reason, I guess, was probably Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). That guy is hot! Okay, now I’ll be serious. Jacob has always been my favourite, ever since I first read the novels, and I think they did a perfect job casting him. Jacob is the kind of guy I would like to have as my best friend. Funny, loyal, easy to be around. Another reason why he’s my favourite might be because he’s the character I can relate most to.

Anyway, it was a great movie and I would love to watch it more times, in the cinema if possible. I’ve said that about many movies, but it’s never happened. But I actually think I will watch this one once more, I liked it that much…

New Moon

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