Goodbye Stockholm and BSB, Hello Boring Everyday Life

Two days in Stockholm with sis, it’s great to go out and have fun sometimes! Yesterday evening we went to Hovet and saw Backstreet Boys. So awfully great!!! We started queueing at 4:20 pm and got decent spots in front of the stage. Because we didn’t rush in but left our jackets in the closet first, we ended up on the fifth row, but that was okay.

As usual there were a lot of people, it was really hot, and really crowded. But I survived the whole show without getting too squeezed and without getting serious difficulties with breathing. And I could enjoy the show pretty well.

The opening act was EMD (Danny is so cute!! And EMD is actually quite okay) and then some guy that Howie in BSB is manager for. He could dance pretty good, but in general I didn’t think he was that great.

And then we had to wait for a loooong time, which made many fans around me irritated and whiny. BSB finally entered the stage at 8:50 pm! They played a mixture of new and old songs – the older songs like As Long As You Love Me, I Want It That Way, Quit Playing Games, etc seemed to receive more cheers than the songs from the newest album. Personally I find the older songs to be better than the new ones.

And then they had a solo each. Unfortunately those solos weren’t as good as I hoped, but Brian’s was the best one. Too bad he was standing so far back on the stage during his solo. No, BSB are best as a group, not as solo artists.

I have loads of photos and videos, I will put some of them up here later!

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