Short List About Me

I didn’t have anything more fun to write about right now, so here’s a short list I found.

Your body

How tall are you? 5’1”
What’s your weight? A little too much…
What’s your shoe size? 34 – 35 (Europe) / 2 – 3 (UK) / 3.5 – 5 (USA)
Are you satisfied with your body? Kind of. I would like to be more well-trained.
Would you consider plastic surgery? That’s possible.
What’s most ugly about you? My tummy…
What’s your eye color? Brown
What’s your hair color? Brown
Do you have a long upper body? No, it’s pretty short.
Do you have long arms? No, they’re also short (and my legs too, if you want to know…)
Do you have long finger nails? Not at the moment.

Your feelings, thoughts and mood

What’s your mood right now? Neither happy nor sad – something in between.
What are you thinking about now? That it’s Glee on TV tonight!
Do you miss someone right now? Yes.
Do you like someone? Maybe.
Are you in love? No.
Is someone in love with you? No, I don’t think so.
Do you love someone? Yes, as long as family and close friends count?
Do you hate someone? Not that I can think of.
What are you like if you’re hungry? I’m hardly ever hungry.
What are you like if you’re tired? “Mildly” confused! Sometimes a bit grumpy…

Your wishes

You would rather be called: Rachel or Elizabeth (if I lived in an English-speaking country), or maybe Elaine. There are so many beautiful names!
You would rather live in: Stockholm/Hamburg/Hannover/Los Angeles (or another large city)
Your greatest wish is: To find my Prince Charming, become economically independent, and be able to do what I want with my life!
You would like to have: Oh, I want a lot of stuff… My own library? A walk-in closet? Some million SEK in my bank account?

Your room

What color is your room? Ugly brown/beige walls, furniture in both light and dark colors, textiles in various red/wine-red nuances.
Do you have a TV in your room? No.
Do you have a computer in your room? Yes.
Do you have a bed in your room? Yes, of course!
What color are your bedclothes? At the moment I have “Lord of the Rings”…
Are there clothes on your floor? No, only on the chairs!
Are there magazines on your floor? No.
Is there anything else on your floor? Only an old laptop and a bag…

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