It’s That Time of the Year Again

Yesterday evening the Swedish Song Contest started again. Joking hosts, girls in short skirts (and yesterday some didn’t have enough on them to call it a “skirt”…), a mixture of genres, glitter, glamour, everything that’s part of the contest.

The hosts are okay this year. I have three favourite songs from tonight (the rest of the songs weren’t that special) and all three advanced – two to the finals and one to the semi-finals. Salem Al Fakir was really good, better than I expected. I’m happy that Jessica Andersson will get a new chance. And of course I’m so happy that Ola advanced to the finals together with Salem!

The rest of the contest will be interesting – hopefully there will be several more good songs during the next few weeks!

By the way, here is the opening act, Holding Out For A Hero. Charlotte Perelli, Nanne Grönwall, Sonja Aldén. I love Nanne!

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