Concert Report: Stockholm

Never again, I’m telling you! Never again! (But I will probably do it again, if there is another winter tour.) I went to Stockholm last Wednesday, the day before the concert. I met some other girls, got my queueing number in the evening (I had number 121) and went back to the hostel where I slept. I got up at 4 am, went to The Globe at 5 am, arrived at 5:30 am. Then hell broke loose! A very frozen hell, but still… I understand that the band hardly believed we were doing this – I can’t believe it either! I mean, what normal person is waiting outside for 13 hours, in 1o degrees below zero and snowstorm?! Oh yeah, we’re not normal, we’re Tokio Hotel fans…

Anyway. The line was moved to the entrance shortly after 7 am. We who had numbers got our own part of the fenced-off area, the rest of the fans had their place behind us. Every time the line was moved during the day, they checked our numbers. Considering organization and queueing, this was the best concert I’ve ever been to! It was actually working. At least at the start of the line where I was.

I think I spent half of the day at McDonald’s (they must have made a huge profit that day), because it was so cold outside. My toes and hands were frozen within minutes, not even a sleeping bag plus a fleece blanket helped… I was lucky to have nice people to wait in line with!

At 6 pm it was time for me to leave the line and go to the Meet & Greet. THANK YOU Universal Music for the opportunity! The guys in the band were so adorable, so handsome, so happy! I brought two things to get signed. One was a magazine article from when they visited Sweden for the first time. In one of the photos I’m standing right in front of Bill during the signing session… After they had signed everything there was a short photo session. Bill and Georg were standing in the middle again. I know they’re normal human beings, but it’s still a special feeling to be standing so close to them – to feel their arms around my back. I felt the happiness throughout my whole body! My photo didn’t turn out very good, but it doesn’t matter because I’ll always remember the feeling of being so close to the guys…

After the M&G we were let inside the arena from the inside. And we were so lucky! The people on the outside were meant to be let inside at the same time as the M&G, but it took a lot longer. So when we got into the arena we could see the people being let inside from the other side of the arena. When I reached the front row there were only about 10 persons there before me. In other words I got a spot in the middle of the front row! An amazing spot, the best I’ve ever had, I think!

The concert was amazing. Probably the best one I’ve been to. The atmosphere was incredible! So much energy on stage and in the audience, it was just incredible! I enjoyed the concert so much! The fan action during Hey You worked out well – I looked around me and everyone in the audience pointed at Bill during the choruses. It looked so cool! I’ll never forget this concert, ever, it was so great!

I’ll post photos and videos later.

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