Concert Report: Gothenburg

After two days of standing in line, followed by concerts, in just one week it felt great to have seats for the concert in Gothenburg. I was extremely lucky to get a ride back to Örebro with a friend who was also at the concert in Stockholm. So I could go by bus on Friday morning from Örebro to Gothenburg. When I arrived at noon I met three friends at the Central Station, and a fourth friend arrived a while later. I was going to share a room with two of them after the concert, so we went to the hostel to get the room ready before we went to Scandinavium.

When we arrived at the arena we looked at the queue, talked to some of the fans waiting there, and met the rest of the girls we would be sitting with during the concert. As we had a lot of time to kill before we would be let inside, we found a restaurant where we had dinner, very close by. When we got back they had started to let people inside, so we stood there for a while, looking at the people who had waited for so long and finally got to get inside! Then we noticed that those with seated tickets had to enter through the same entrance, so we went to the end of the line. At that time the line reached almost all the way to the next crossing!

Inside the arena we took it easy. Some girls bought some merchandise and I bought one of those “light wands” – it said “Tokio Hotel” on it and when I pushed a button on it, the color and way of blinking changed. I never buy those things when I have standing tickets, because then I have enough to think about – I don’t need to look after another thing in my hands. But now I had a seat, which is much more relaxed (and gives med much more space…) so I took the opportunity!

The concert was very late – it didn’t start until 9 pm. But it was great! There wasn’t as many fans as I hoped for, but the feeling in the arena was still great. Not like in Stockholm, but still great! It was cool to be able to see everything on the stage – that’s the huge difference between standing and having a seat. When you’re standing close to the stage, all you can see is what’s right in front of you – if you have a good spot you can see almost the whole stage, but only one part of it at a time. If you have a seat you can see practically everything at once. And it’s much more relaxed to have a seat, you have more space to dance, there’s no pushing. So it was definitely worth it to be seated on one of the concerts during this tour!

As I said, the concert was great, the atmosphere was great, the pointing fan action worked out here as well, the guys were happy and energetic, I got great photos and videos. A perfect ending on my own tour!

It was also great to have a room at a hostel to go to after the concert, and being able to have a good sleep the next morning. The other girls went back home early but I didn’t leave the hostel until 11 am. I met some of my friends for a short while, then my boyfriend got there because I would spend the rest of the day with him in Gothenburg.

Photos and videos from the concert will be posted later.

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