Found A New List

I found this list on another blog, and as I have nothing better to do at the moment I decided to answer it.


* Does it bother you if your boyfriend writes to others?
No, as long as I may write to anyone I want, he may write to anyone he wants.
* Is it okay if he kisses other people?
Absolutely not!
* Does it bother you if he writes “<3″ to others?
Yes… Or, well..that depends on who he writes it to…
* Is it okay if he writes “kisses” and similar things to others?
Same answer as above.
* If he cheated on you, would you be able to forgive and stay with him?
I don’t think I would, even if I wanted to. I couldn’t be with someone I can’t trust.


* Have you ever been really let down by a close friend?
Not that I can remember, not “really let down” at least.
* Has someone close to you died?
* Who is/are your closest friend/s?
I don’t have many close friends, and those I regard as close friends aren’t really that close… But I’m still a close friend to my ex-boyfriend.
* Is there any old friend you’re not in touch with any longer that you miss?
Yes, several.


* Who do you trust the most?
Mum, I think.
* Who are you closest to?
My sister, I think.


* Do you drink alcohol?
It happens, but only wines with low alcohol percentage and cider, for dinner.
* Have you ever used drugs?
No, and I never will!
* Have you cut yourself?

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