Just Because I Don’t Have Anything to Write About…

Here’s a really long list!

What time is it? 12:33 am
What name is on your birth certificate? Mirjam Elisabeth Arvidsson
Nicknames: Mirre, Lizzie
When were you born? January 26, 1988
How many candles were there on your birthday cake the last time? I don’t remember the last time I had candles on my cake!
Pets: One dog (Shetland sheepdog), two cats, one budgie and my sister’s bunny
Hair color: Brown
Favourite color: Red, pink, dark green, dark blue
Piercings: Not yet, put would like one in my bellybutton
Tattoo(s): Not yet, but planning
Place of birth: Skövde
Place of living: Örebro
Present home: In a house with my family
Have you ever been in love? Yes
Have you been to other continents? No, I’ve only been to places in Europe
Have you been in a car accident? No, nothing serious at least. But we have collided and we have had a horse coming onto the car
2 or 4 doors (on the car)? Four
Coffee or ice-cream? Ice-cream!
Comfort blanket or cuddly toy? Cuddly toy
Sallad dressing? Depends on what kind…
Color of your socks: Lilac
Lucky number: I don’t have one
Favourite movie: That’s many! Lord of the Rings, a lot of romantic movies, like Notting Hill and Love Actually
Favourite actor: Johnny Depp
Best holiday: The family holiday in eastern Skåne many years ago
Favourite food: Pizza, kebab
Best day of the week: Fridays
The last song you listened to: Hanson – Thinking ‘Bout Something
Toothpaste: Pepsodent, I think
Favourite TV show: At the moment 2 ½ Men
Favourite restaurant: Something Chinese or Thai
Favourite flowers: Roses, I think
I don’t like: You mean some kind of flowers? I don’t know…
Sport to watch: Riding, curling, couple dancing
Fast food restaurant: Usually McDonald’s
Last time spent at hospital: That was many years ago
Favourite drink: Coca Cola
What color are the walls in your room? Ugly brownish
How many times did you fail your driver’s license exam? None!
Where are you 10 years from now? I have absolutely no idea!
Who was the last to send you an e-mail? The Hanson street team
Have you been convicted for some crime? Nope
If you had only one credit card… I would struggle to not use it too much…
What do you do when you’re bored? Watch TV or visit my favourite websites to see if they are updated during the time I’m bored…
Word that you use (too) often: Kinda. I can’t think of any other word right now…
The best thing you know: Being totally free and be able to do what I want when I won’t. Sadly that doesn’t happen very often…
Bed time: The goal is 10 pm…
What time is it? 12:47 am
Favourite Beatle: I don’t even know who’s who
Favourite game: No idea
Favourite movie soundtrack: Moulin Rouge, I think. Or Singin’ in the Rain
Shoe size: 34 (Europe) / 2 (UK) / 3.5 (USA)
Siblings: One younger sister, one younger brother
Favourite thing to put on the sandwich: Cheese
If you would give money to charity, who would get it? I’m not sure, but something that has to do with children
The funniest word/s you know:
The best book you’ve read: Lord of the Rings. And it should be read in English!
Are you obsessed with the Internet? Haha yes!!
Favourite animal: Dog, wolf, lion, tiger, dolphin
Do you like snow? It’s beautiful, but I don’t like being in it…
Favourite ice-cream: Vanilla
When was the last time you bought something for yourself? Last Tuesday, I think, some magazines
Do you have a hard time forgiving? Sometimes
Favourite band/artist: Hanson! And Tokio Hotel close behind
What’s your best quality? I don’t know…
What’s you next goal in life? To finish studying!
Would you kill a kitten if you were given 20 000 SEK? Absolutely not!!!!!
What are you doing? Answering these questions. And chatting with my boyfriend
Most interesting city you’ve visited: Hamburg
What animal would you identify yourself with? A wolf, or maybe an eagle
Your last boyfriend/girlfriend: Mats <3 Favourite candy: Chocolate
Do you play any instruments? Piano and flute
What sport/s do you like the most? None… Maybe riding and couple dancing
What person in the world would you most like to meet? Taylor Hanson, without a doubt. Or everyone in Hanson if I got to meet more than one
The last movie you watched in the cinema: Alice in Wonderland
The last album you bought: I’m not sure, but I think it was Ola’s first album, Given to Fly
The most fun concert: Hm, Hanson’s concert was special because that was my first concert ever and it was great. But Tokio Hotel’s concert in Stockholm was also amazing!
The best feeling: Meeting my boyfriend after several weeks apart, closely followed by standing in a sold out concert arena after a whole day of standing in line and it’s only a few more minutes until the concert starts…
Are you collecting anything? Yes
If yes, what? Posters, German teen magazines, books (if that counts)
Are you a feminist? No
If you were a musical instrument, what would you be? A piano, I think – considering my changeable mood…
Favourite album: That’s hard! I have so many to choose from… But Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere will always be extra special
Is this rewarding? No, in what way would it be?
How do you think people in the street percieve you? I don’t know… Quiet, shy, grumpy, stressed?
What annoys you the most right now? That it’s so late and I still haven’t finished this list so I can go to bed
Favourite song: I have so many favourites! I can’t choose… But at the moment I think it’s Hanson’s Believe
Do you own a cell phone? Yes of course!
Who are you in love with now? Mats <3 What’s the most beautiful thing you know? Sunset at the sea in the summer
If you were given a free journey, where would you go? New Zealand or Japan
Are you homo- or bisexual? No
What time is it now when you’ve finished? 1:05 am

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