One Year Since My First Tokio Hotel Concert

Isn’t it crazy how fast time passes? Exactly one year ago, on May 5th 2007, I was in Hannover together with a girl from Malmö who I had never met before. We went by bus from Malmö during the night between May 4th and 5th, through Denmark, then took the ferry to Germany, and then passed through Hamburg on our way to Hannover.

We spent the day at the central station where we bought lots of German magazines that can’t be found in Sweden. Then we walked around the city, visited a mall where I bought some cd albums, and the last hours before the concert we were standing by the back entrance of the TUI Arena together with some German girls who were trying to persuade the security staff to be let in backstage, haha.

That was one year ago. My first Tokio Hotel concert. And it was in Germany, it was sunny, it was hot, it was just great. We had seat places, but they were in the second section so we still had a great view. And after the concert we were standing together with hundreds of other girls at the back entrance of the arena for hours, hoping that the guys would come out and sign autographs for us, but they didn’t. I will never forget that trip – especially not the day after the concert when we were going to get home by bus at 4 am. The bus never arrived. So we jumped on a train at 8 am instead. It’s not so fun when things don’t run smoothly during trips like this, and it was the first time ever that I was travelling abroad, haha!

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