And The Comet Goes To…

It’s over. The award ceremony that I (and all other fans) have been waiting for for weeks (months?) – COMET 2008 in Oberhausen! The music award where Tokio Hotel were nominated in three categories, with a small chance of winning even a fourth Comet.
The result:
Best Live-Act
Best Band
Best Music Video (An deiner Seite)
Super Comet

They won ALL FOUR Comets!!! I quote Bill from Rockbjörnen: “That’s so unbelievable!”

It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something like this – the guys have been in the USA almost the whole year, and for a couple of months they were all gone because of Bill’s surgery. They had to cancel loads of concerts. And STILL the fans are there for them, all over the world, and manage to do something like this: giving the band FOUR Comets our of four. Fast unglaublich…

And at times like this I get even happier by seeing how happy the guys themselves are. For each award they got they shouted a little louder, raised their arms a little higher in the air, and smiled even bigger. When they won the final award even Gustav smiled! Wow! Haha. And Bill didn’t just raise his arms high up in the air, he jumped into the air – almost like when they won their first Comet award in 2005.

Speaking of Bill, he has changed his appearance a little! His hair is PITCH BLACK! Not one single blonde strand is left! He had cut his hair too, but not that much. But as usual he looked goooorgeous. That dark hair looks good on him (he had black hair a couple of years ago too), but it feel weird to see him like that now, when I’m used to see him with those blonde strands and the hair straggling this way and that (yeah, I do call him a hedgehog sometimes…).

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