Prince Caspian

Now I’ve watched the new Narnia movie, Prince Caspian, the sequel to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The movie was very good but you should not compare it to the novel… The basics were the same, but half of the movie/novel (however you choose to see it) is altered.

I don’t want to reveal so much in case someone reading this hasn’t watched the movie. But there is a lot of action, a lot of beautiful views (I love the woods, and the beaches!) and everything is very well-made. One detail that had me a little surprised – in a good way – was that they obviously had made sure all Telmarins were speaking with the same accent.

And that accent was most beautiful when spoken by Ben Barnes (Caspian)… Haha, yeah I had a small crush on him. Dark, curly, long hair, dark eyes, beautiful accent, great on horseback riding (stuntman maybe? well, I don’t care if that’s the case), tall and handsome. And of course as the character you’re supposed to feel bad for, support, take care of. 😉

But there’s also another guy in the movie, who is younger, around my own age, and that’s William Moseley who plays Peter (Ben is 27, William is 21). He’s not as handsome, but he still gets a good position on the “hot-list”. Apart from that he has messy hair that you just want to go there and put in order, Peter has that sad appearance that I often find myself attracted to in movie characters. Hm, William doesn’t look bad as himself either…

Okay, enough of daydreaming, haha! There are lots of good-looking guys, these are not the only ones. Too bad that the most handsome guys are also the most famous ones, and because of that difficult to just happen to run into…


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  1. Johanna

    svar: Ja visst var filmen bra? så otroligt välgjord. Jag satt där och log för mig själv i slutet, grät gjorde jag med hihi..Nog var han snygg allt, en riktig 10 poängare 😀

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