Eric Saade in Karlstad!

After cleaning my room thoroughly all Saturday I thought I was worthy of having a fun day today. So I got into the car at 11 am and went to Karlstad. After having some trouble finding my way through the city centre I managed to find a parking area on the outskirts of the city centre where I could park the car for free. Then I walked to the shopping centre Mitt i City.

When I arrived shortly after 1 pm there were already some girls standing at the front, right by the stage, waiting. I sat down on a bench further back for some time, after I had bought Eric Saade’s album Masquerade. But at 1:30 pm I also went to stand by the stage. I didn’t want to find myself behind any tall girls, and now I didn’t have to. I stood on the third or fourth row, behind some younger and shorter girls. Haha, I think this was the first time I’ve had a good view without standing on the first row! But I guess that’s how it is when most of the audience ranges from 6 to 14 years of age. Of course there were older (and younger) girls (and boys) in the audience as well, but the average age was low and I think I was among the oldest ones there, without counting the parents and grandparents. But I didn’t care.

Exactly at 2:30 pm Eric turned up on the stage, just as promised. He chatted a little (I love the Skåne dialect, I think that’s one of my favorite dialects!) and then he sang two songs. First Break of Dawn which will be the next single, and then Manboy which he sang in the Swedish Song Contest. Haha, he is so damn cute, so full of energy!

After that he held a signing session. I got into the back of the line, because I had been so close to the stage. At least a couple hundred people wanted to get an autograph and the signing session was more than an hour long. When I reached the table where Eric was sitting he looked tired, but he kept smiling and being nice to everyone, all the time until he had written an autograph for the last little girl in line. He spelled me name incorrectly, but I didn’t care about correcting him, I was just happy that I got my album signed by him. I stayed in front of the stage and took photos until the signing session was over, and I got quite a few good photos.

Yeah, that was my Sunday. I got back home shortly before 6 pm, and now I’m looking even more forward to Eric’s summer tour!

I will post my photos and videos later.

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