Närcon 2010

There was a Närcon this year as well, even though it was much smaller than last year. And unfortunately not so well-organized. But the arrangers should still get some credit, as they started planning very late this year (there wasn’t meant to be a Närcon this year at all). But some things could still have been better than they were.

My marks:

+ All of the best and most popular activities were kept
+ the gaming areas
+ The karaoke contest (so fun!)
+ The shops (it was fun to go looking there when you had nothing to do)
+ The party grill
+ The cafeteria
+ The color of the t-shirts, so beautiful!

– THE COSPLAY! Seriously, we had been waiting for two hours and were standing in the middle of the line, others had waited all morning – and they opened the WRONG door so that all the people who had just got to the line and not waited anything got the best seats and those who had waited longest didn’t even get inside?! And the whole cosplay show was badly organized – it was so dark in the room that you could barely see the costumes, and the music was so loud that you couldn’t hear the presentations at all = you had no idea who they were supposed to look like if you didn’t recognize the characters because you knew of them before…

– The weather, but there was obviously nothing to do about that
– The music at the grill was too loud sometimes

I can’t think of any other negative things, but the cosplay made all negative things look so minor so I probably didn’t remember them… But if there’s a Närcon next year I will go there again, I know that, haha! I’ll go there, and hope that it’s going to be better than this year’s convention…

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