Stockholm, Day 1

Me and A had so much fun today! We met at 10 am, and that was a perfect time to go shopping… We took a walk along Drottninggatan and through the Old Town. I was really impressed by how much Swedish A has learned by now, it was a huge improvement since last year!

In the afternoon we took the guided tour of the Royal Armoury, a museum I’ve wanted to visit for years. I’m lucky that A is as interested in history as I am! It was very interesting, and it felt weird to see all those old clothes, armours and things that have belonged to persons I’ve read so much about, written essays about, watched tv documentaries about… The highlights were probably Streiff (Gustav II Adolf’s horse), the clothes and hat of Karl XII which he wore when he was shot, the masquerade clothes of Gustav III, and the collection of ceremony and coronation clothes. I would love to visit the Royal Armoury every time I visited Stockholm, just to walk around there and look at all those things again, to be close to them. History becomes so much more alive at museums…

When we were on our way back to our hostels we passed a street performer from the Netherlands, so we stopped and watched for a while. He was fun, and good.

I was going to go to bed early, but now when I sat and packed my two bags for tomorrow one of the guys in my room started talking, and he didn’t stop… He comes from France but is working in Berlin now. 28 years old, thinking about moving to Stockholm in a few months to learn the language. A few minutes ago he left to look for a good nightclub… But now I’m going to bed. I will stay up late tomorrow night, and before that I will be working and have to be alert. Tomorrow will be an interesting day!

Here are some photos from today.

Stockholm 2008-08-01

Stockholm 2008-08-01

Stockholm 2008-08-01

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