Time To Start Planning!

Now it’s less than two months until NaNoWriMo starts – National Novel Writing Month. I’ve actually entered this year. For so many years I’ve been thinking it would be fun, a good challenge for me, a way to force myself to actually write, to really try to create something for real. Now is the time at last!

But now I’ve been thinking, it’s time to start planning… I’m that kind of person who needs to know a little – preferrably a lot – about what I’m going to write, before I start writing. I know that if I don’t plan anything in advance, that is during September and October, I will hardly get anything written during November because then I’ll be sitting and planning the novel instead…

So today I have looked up and installed a new computer software to help me with the planning part, and later also the writing process. To plan the story I’m going to use Storybook, a freeware which looks very promising. I’ll keep notes in Debrief, which is also free. And the writing will be done in yWriter (also freeware), where the latest version is adjusted to fit NaNoWriMo.

Now I just need to get some ideas!

NaNoWriMo 2010

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