Wonderful Start of the Day

Could you think of a better way to start your day? Of course, if I hadn’t been asleep for the first part of the show the day would have been even better… Anyway, it turned out that Hanson’s livestream from the show in San Fransisco was still on when I woke up half an hour ago. So I’ve watch the last three songs (plus the encore now). It’s been a long time since I watched a Hanson show (I use to watch videos on YouTube), so it’s so cool to see them live, from the other side of the world.

The best of all: I didn’t miss Give A Little – my favorite song from the new album, which I still hadn’t seen live! Such a wonderful live song too!! And OMG I was so jealous – Taylor picked a girl from the audience to get up on stage to dance with him. Haha and the irony: her name was Rachel. (My alias on HOL)

Anyway, wonderful start of the day: MMMBop, Give A Little, Ugly Truth, Oh Darling, This Time Around – aLive@Hnet! Haha, and now the livestream reprise from the Sounds Like Paper show in NYC started… But I have to study.

The next livestream I will NOT miss! They will stream the complete show then as well, only for fanclub members, the rest of the livestreams will be from before the shows. In short: Wednesday morning, at 03:15 – aLive@Hnet!

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