Farewell, my dear Lovis

One sign of that I’m getting older, a sign that I don’t like at all, is that people who I’ve known since I was a little child, suddenly die. Among these people are Ulf “Uffe” Larsson, Martin Ljung, Michael Jackson, Per Oscarsson – and the latest addition to this list is Lena Nyman.

I was met by these news on Facebook just some minutes ago and went to to see what they had written about it. Turned out that Lena was very ill for a long time (I’m sad to say I had no idea about it) and that she died during this past night.

It feels weird. Now, I haven’t really seen any of her movies – except for Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter. Yes, I do feel a little ashamed about that. But that doesn’t mean that I miss her less than those who have seen all her movies. To me she will always be Lovis, Ronia’s tough but kind mother. I will always hear “The Wolf’s Song” (“Vargsången” in Swedish), sung with that rasping, hoarse voice, whenever I hear someone mention her.

R.I.P. Lena Nyman. Farewell, my dear Lovis.

Lena Nyman as Lovis

Lena Nyman as Lovis

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