MTV Europe Music Awards 2008

Tokio Hotel won the Headliner award! Oh, I’m so happy for them! They really do have the best fans in the world – we’re giving them a whole lot of awards. Congratulations, guys!

But over all I’m disappointed in this year’s EMAs. Last year’s show was so much better! Better performances, better host talking, a complete other atmosphere and feeling. Katy Perry was better as a host than I had expected, but Perez shouldn’t have been there (or so I and a lot of other people thought). Mainly because I don’t think it’s acceptable to insult other people on a live broadcast, no matter how much you think they suck…

Britney Spears won two awards, that wasn’t so unexpected. I won’t join the discussion of whether she deserves them or not. I’m happy for her. It was also fun that P!nk won the Most Addictive Track award. I voted for her!

Just as I thought, Best Act Ever was a flop. They didn’t even present the award like they did the rest of them. No displaying the nominees, no envelope, no Top 3, nothing. They just mention the nominees, said that Rick Astley won with “like a billion” votes (and insulted Tokio Hotel when they were at it…), and then they quickly moved on to the next category… It’s sad that the category you were most looking forward to would be sabotaged by “fans”. And it was sad that MTV couldn’t just remove that award when the cheating was so obvious…

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