Eric Saade’s Mini Tour

Eric Saade will be going on a mini tour in part of Sweden to meet his fans and sign the new single Popular. He will also be performing three of his songs in a new way.

Eric will visit these places:

March 18: Linköping, Ikano-Huset, 6 pm
March 19: Stockholm, Heron City, 4 pm
March 26: Linköping, Trädgårdstorget, 3 pm
March 27: Eskilstuna, Tuna Park, 3 pm
March 30: Trelleborg, Valen, 8 pm
April 3: Borås, Knalleland, 3 pm
April 9: Jönköping, A6, 3 pm

He will also do a real tour in the summer, and in May we will cheer him on in the Eurovision Song Contest!

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