Hanson @ London – x5!

This is amazing! After all these years of waiting, Hanson is finally coming to Europe. And they will have no less than five concerts in London! It’s their concert series 5of5 which is now coming to us in a new version: 5of5 London. The 5of5 was originally meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime event in New York (it can also be purchased on DVD from the band’s website), but now they have decided to do a similar event in Europe as well.

The 5of5 London will be more than just five concerts where they will perform their complete released albums (one album each night). They have also added The Story, which will take place before each show. That will be an event where they talk about the album they’re going to perform that night, about the recording process and everything else concerning it.

The pre-order will start on their website tonight for fanclub members. It will also be possible to become a member at the same time as you buy the tickets for the shows. The 5of5 London will take place between June 5-10, which one concert-free evening on June 9. On there will be three different ticket packages: one standard package with only the concert tickets, one package with tickets for both the concerts and The Story, and one deluxe package including tickets for the concerts and The Story and also a painting made by Zac (limited). The pre-order will continue for 2 weeks. After that, the concert tickets will be released individually by ticket stores in England.

Read more about the 5of5 and buy your tickets at!

5of5 London

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