Beautiful Day by the Waterfall

I couldn’t stand staying inside the whole day when it was so sunny outside! So I brought my boyfriend with me and we took a walk to the waterfall down by the mountain a mile from where he lives. On the way there I logged a cache as well (and took the chance to test the gps on my new Android smartphone…). On our way to the cache we saw a deer which calmly stood there eating and watching us, until a car passed by and scared him off…

This was the third time I visited the waterfall – and finally I got to see it while it was full of water! I hadn’t expected less – it’s been raining a lot lately… I love waterfalls of all sizes and I think this is one of the most beautiful places in Vargön.


Waterfall in Vargön 20110818

Waterfall in Vargön 20110818

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