Takitsuba Weekend!

I’ve had the most amazing weekend! On Monday of this week I got in touch with another Tackey & Tsubasa fan. And she’s from Sweden. I could hardly believe it! I mean, what are the odds that a Swedish girl is the first one to answer when I ask on an international blog how to get concert tickets?? Anyway, we quickly decided that we had to meet. Said and done, this weekend I went to Stockholm, quite spontaneously! And it feels very strange to say this, but it feels as if we had known each other for years and years…

To start with, I can tell you that her Takitsuba collection is huge! I just dream of someday being able to collect as much. As we sat there talking about all the shows she has been to, my wish to go to Japan and see my favourite Japanese guys only grew even stronger! Preferrably this year already, because they celebrate their 10th anniversary and I guess this year’s tour will be something real extra.

We spent hours and hours looking through photobooks, calendars and photoalbums. I am so fascinated by the quality of Japanese concert merchandise. All these photobooks that are produced for the tours, they are so well-made and great-looking, with high-quality paper and often hardback. Price tag: less than 200 SEK each. That felt like nothing as I sat there looking through them and they never seemed to end. And now I have learned one thing for my collecting: the calendars are well worth starting with! They were sooo beautiful! And now I meant the calendars, but of course those who were inside them were also very beautiful… 😉

We also looked at a lot of dvds and video clips. If I remember correctly, we watched 2.5 concerts, and they only got better and better. The same thing here about quality: The shows are so incredibly lavish and well thought-out – and beautiful and amazing! There were a few things that I noticed (and that we discussed):

  • The stage clothes are really nice! After you have become used to all the glitter, feather boas, long capes, wide-open shirts, weird patterns, etc – and you do that pretty quickly…
  • When Johnny’s Entertainment groups have concerts in arenas, they do everything to make sure everyone will get to see them up close at least once during the show. So they like to build a stage in each end of the arena, with many runways in between – and they also like to fly through the air or go around the balconies in small carts.
  • The Japanese never go half the distance – they go the whole distance. Did anyone react strongly at Bill’s (Tokio Hotel) stage clothes during their last Europe tour? They weren’t that sensational compared to some of the things the Johnny’s boys are wearing… And, ah, did Bill sit on a motorcycle on the stage during one song? Hm, well, Tackey went around the whole arena on one. Just to mention a few examples…

As you know, I do love both Tokio Hotel and Hanson, but there’s still something special about Tackey & Tsubasa, and the other Johnny’s groups in regards to concerts and shows.

We mostly watched subbed video clips this time – that was my wish as I wanted to be able to understand what everyone said. I have always only listened to the music, so before this weekend I had no real idea of what Tackey or Tsubasa are like, except from the opinions I’ve had after watching some music videos. I can honestly say that after this weekend I just love them even more! And the best thing is this: Even though Tackey is still my favourite out of the two, Tsubasa is pretty close behind no w… Sure, Tackey is the most handsome, but Tsubasa is really cute as well (as long as he doesn’t have a weird hair-do or decides to have facial hair…). Although, it’s not all about looks! Tackey has the most angelic voice you could imagine – the only one I like better is Taylor. 😉 And Tsubasa is the king of dancing – wow, those hips!

I also thought it was fun to “get to know” Tackey’s and Tsubasa’s personalities and how people treat them. Who would have thought that Tsubasa is the worst tease ever? Or that everyone loves to tease Tackey, even though (or because?) he is everyone’s favourite? Or that Tackey is so incredibly kind and caring? But first and foremost I realized this: The two of them are perfect together! I am so happy that they managed to convince Mr. Johnny that they should be debuting together and not as solo acts…

The weekend ended in a very good way – with great gifts from E! I got a cd single – Ai wa takaramono – one of my absolute favourite songs, and it was the edition that has many karaoke tracks as extra material! And as if that wasn’t enough, she gave me FIVE photos! They are so beautiful, and I was so happy to be given these things!

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