Of course we stayed up to watch the Eurovision Song Contest this year too. It’s one of the must-do’s of the year! The line-up was okay. There was no entry that was a total disaster, no entry I just laughed like crazy at. But there were not so many entries that stood out in a positive way either.

As expected, the Swedish entry didn’t do well at all. I wasn’t surprised. Then there was Azerbadjan (sp?) and they were okay, even though it was a little out of tune a few times.

My Top 3 was:
1. Norway
2. Iceland
3. Denmark

So I’m super delighted that Norway won and Iceland got the second place!
Norway. Alexander Rybak. FRIKAR. What else can I say, except pure musical joy, energy and charisma? I loved the song, I loved the performance, I loved Alexander himself, and that FRIKAR was part of it only made it better! When I visited the folk music festival in Linköping last year, I went to FRIKAR’s 50 minutes long Halling performance, “Kruk”. It’s so cool that an entry that both sounds like folk music and contains Norwegian folk dancing not only reached the final round of ESC, but also won it all in such a superior manner!!

Alexander Rybak – Fairytale

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