About Me

Name: Mirjam Arvidsson
Nicknames and aliases: Miri, Lizzie, Mirliz
Age: 31
Living: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Living with: My fiancé
Family: Fiancé and two step children
Relationship: Engaged to be married
Pets: None
Education: Digital Media Design, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Communications. Various extra courses in digital design, literature, writing and languages. Studied Japanese in Tokyo for 15 months. Halfway through studying to become a kindergarten teacher.
Working: Substitute teacher at kindergarten
Other commitments: None
Hobbies and interests: Music, literature, writing, web design, exercising, travelling, foreign languages, history, handcrafting (embroidering, crocheting, knitting)
Listening to: J-pop, rock, pop, movie soundtracks, celtic music
Favorit bands/ artists: Nakayama Yuma, Hey! Say! JUMP, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hanson, Tokio Hotel, Enya
Preferred reading: Fantasy – my favourite authors are JRR Tolkien, David Eddings, JK Rowling, Tad Williams

Life is too short to be wasted! I have many different interests and hobbies, and I’m used to doing many things at the same time. I’ve always studied full time, with extra courses in interesting subjects when I had the possibility, at the same time as I’m the founder and leader of the Official Swedish Fan Club for the German band Tokio Hotel. In my spare time I enjoy reading (anything from fantasy and science fiction literature to biographies and other non-fiction literature), writing, watching movies, singing and playing the piano or flute, and handcrafting. Photography and web design are other interests which have more to do with my education.

I’m raised with pets around me and enjoy being outside. I also like to try new things and during the past few years I’ve been practicing horseback riding, dancing, group exercising and Japanese martial arts. I’ve played the flute in various wind instrument ensembles and I’ve been singing in a choir every now and then. Foreign languages is another main interest, which is great as I love travelling and experiencing new places and cultures.

In July 2012 I moved to Tokyo to study Japanese full-time. In October 2013 I returned to Sweden and lived for some time in Uppsala and Nora, and now I live outside of Örnsköldsvik. I visited Japan again in July 2014, May 2015, September 2015, October 2015 and December 2016.