My Small Library

Second after a good kitchen, a large utility room and a walk-in closet, the next most important thing in my dream home is this: a giant beautiful library! Like the ones I’ve seen in many old castles and mansions, with cosy armchairs, countless metres of shelves filled with books all the way up to the ceiling – maybe with a ladder that I could move along the shelves to reach the highest shelves!

But to make a library like that look impressing, I need many books – and I’m on my way there! Many of the people I know are impressed by my collection of books, and I can understand them. Most of those who have commented on my collection only own about 10 books themselves…

Instead of going to bed I started adding my books in a book database software called BookDB. It’s free and good enough for me. I picked a few short series from my bookshelf, added them in BookDB, and then I added the books I’m currently reading. When I had finished the software told me I had added 29 books. I stared at that number, stared at my bookshelves, and then at the number again. Then I thought “This will take some time!!!” The software is really easy and I can quickly add a book – but if the small amount of books I added tonight adds up to 29, then I don’t want to think about what number will be staring at me from the computer when I have added my small collection of books! Well, perhaps it’s not that small…

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