Official Fanclub? My Fanclub? YEEEY!!!

I logged onto the fanclub webmail, and what did I see? An e-mail from the official German fanclub. I opened it, read it, noticed that I was holding my breath, so I took a deep breath. Then I just sat there staring for a minute or two. I could hardly believe it.

My fanclub has been chosen to be the official Swedish fanclub!!! We’ve waited for this decision for 6 months, and for each passing month I’ve been more and more pessimistic, and believed that THF would be chosen. But that wasn’t how it turned out. I’ve read some comments about this outcome, and many fans are dissatisfied, wanting THF to be the official fanclub. But now is, and I’m more than happy, and me and my team will do our best to show that we are after all worthy of this title, whatever other people might think right now.

I was even happier when I got a text message from Thalia, my friend in Belgium, saying that her fanclub also was chosen to be official!! And Julia from England also sent me an e-mail that her fansite was chosen too.

I feel like celebrating now, having pizza or something. Unfortunately there’s no pizzeria close-by…

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