Such Weather!

The whole day there has been summer outside! Sunshine, 25 degrees Celsius, beautifully green and flowers everywhere.

The whole day I’ve spent indoors in a computer room with bad air, studying and getting tired and having a headache.

When I finally got home the air was so stifling I could hardly breathe. I went inside and panted instead. I had to do my German assignment which had to be handed in tiday, and of course at that moment the worst thunderstorm of the year started. Roaring booms above the house, lightnings lighting the rooms up like headlights! I wrote the assignment on my laptop running on batteries, then I had to wait for hours for the thunderstorm to pass before I could send the assignment to my teacher…

It’s pretty calm outside now. A lightning every now and then, a soft rumble at the horizon. I took a photo of the surrounding just before it started raining. I actually think it’s beautiful when the sky is this dark, and I enjoy thunderstorms (when it’s not dangerous). I just don’t like being without the computer, Internet and television during the thunderstorms…


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