Summary of NärCon

I’ve finally got home from NärCon. I’m totally exhausted. The cleaning squad went from 100 to 25 persons, having to clean multiple buildings between 4-10 pm. We just managed it – we closed the doors a couple of minutes before the alarm was activated.

Before the cleaning I spent several hours in the economy office, where I managed to get work assignments during the hours I had to work to receive the benefits of being a worker (free entrance, etc.). Thank you, D, for taking me on the team when you lost a worker!!

So how would I summarize these three days… It was raining at first, then it was hot and sunny. 900 visitors – WOW! That’s a new record. We had to move activities between different rooms. Unfortunately we didn’t have access to the kitchen this year, and that made quite a difference. And there was no breakfast available at the convention, not so good.

Many things didn’t work out as well as they should have. The information was almost a catastrophy. There was no schedule, so activities and contest were only mentioned on flyers all over the area. Many activities didn’t have enough information put out there. Hopefully that will change for the better next year.

I spent a lot of time working. So I missed both the cosplay contest (80 participants, a new record) and the performances on Saturday evening. I managed to be there on time to hear the final songs by PowerPlay, but I missed Fighting Dreamers completely. I was really sad about that, because I had really looked forward to hearing that band again… But they will perform at another convention in December, maybe I’ll go there, hehe.
At least I got to see the anime music video contest, and I’m happy about that. There were many great videos this year, and my favourite won!

During the hours when I wasn’t working, I spent time with a lot of nice people. E – your DJ-ing on Sunday morning got me in such a better mood while I tried to wake up. A – I miss you the most from this convention. I hope we’ll meet soon again!

Well, that was a summary… Oh, and thank you J, for letting me and sis borrow your apartment. It was great to be able to take a warm shower in the mornings before going to the convention!

Närcon 2008

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