Linköping Folk Music Festival

Yesterday the Linköping Folk Music Festival started, and I was there with my sister and a couple of friends. We stayed until late, dancing, singing ballads and having fun in general.

We visited again today. Before noon we learned how to dance “finnskogspols” and “slängpolska” – most fun was the “slängpolska”! I would love to learn folk dancing better.

Then I went to work for some hours, and returned to the festival in the evening. Then we listened to some bands playing, one of them was Chokladfabriken – they were great. I’ve never seen or heard anyone playing the recorder like the guy in this band!

We also went to a “halling” show by a Norwegian group called Frikar. They were amazing! I’m really impressed by people who are good at dancing “halling”!

After the “halling” show, there was a dancing contest. I didn’t participate, but my friend knew a lot of people who did. It was fun just to watch, too! And those who won in the end were worthy of it, they were great.

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