Congratulations, Saade!

Sweden didn’t win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, even though we were in the lead for a while. But Eric Saade made it to a third place (which could have been a second place if Italy hadn’t sneaked past us with their final points) – this was Sweden’s best result since we won in 1999! Well done, Saade!

It was a very thrilling and even voting, I can’t remember a voting like this. Twelve-points and ten-points were given out in all directions and no one had a huge lead during any part of the evening. Not until the end did Azerbaijan run away from the rest of the submissions and they won. But that was a half victory for Sweden still, as the winning submission had Swedish songwriters and Swedish bakground singers. Personally I liked the submission, it was one of my favourite songs from the semi-finals.

The Best

Eric Saade – Popular
Yes, I know. It was my own country’s submission and I like Eric Saade a lot since before the ESC. But he did have the best song and the coolest show. He also had one of the best dances – and he had the charm. Eric gave it all, and that payed itself.

Nadine Beiler – The Secret is Love
A large and powerful ballade which made me think of Whitney Houston. What a voice!! I would sure like to have that.

Ell/Nikki – Running Scared
Beautiful, very beautiful. In everything from the song and the singing to the clothes and the rain of fire.

Nina – Caroban
I didn’t understand the lyrics, but it was a nice and colorful song with clear 1960′s elements. Very nice! I was happy they made it to the finals.

The Worst

Zdob si Zdub – So Lucky
The worst submission of the year! As if a really bad song wasn’t enough they also put awful cornets on their heads, a girl on a monocycle and pretended to play on a number of huge horns. Awful.

Loucas Yiorkas ft. Stereo Mike – Watch My Dance
I like Greek music – but this rap mixture was terrible.

Eldrine – One More Day
Yet another terrible mixture of different musical styles which wasn’t very successful. And they had terrible clothes.

Most Energy

Jedward – Lipstick
Without a doubt the most energetic submission of this year, I almost lost my breath just watching them. They were completely dissynchronized and it looked as if not thought-out at all. At first I thought they were awful, then they ended up somewhere in the middle. They’re not good, but not that terribly bad either.

Most Beautiful

Mika Newton – Angel
Many people around me commented that “you don’t think about the song when you’re so distracted by the fantastic sand artist in the background”. I disagree. The sand artist was incredibly skilled, but the song was also really beautiful. So this submission was beautiful x2.

Copy of the Year

A Friend In London – New Tomorrow
Clearly a copy of Andreas Johnson’s “Sing For Me”. Bad and boring, Denmark.

Disappointment of the Year

Lena – Taken By A Stranger
It looked cool, I admit that. But I had higher expectations on the German submission after winning last year. This song was just drab and boring.

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