Hanson in London – This Time Around

The second concert day began with a visit at the British Museum for me, my sister and a friend. That was really a cool experience, me being so interested in history and all!

At noon we went to Hyde Park and met ~25 other girls who got together to practice our little flashmob dancing to Thinking ‘Bout Something. Our goal was to do a flashmob with or for Hanson by the end of the week, maybe during a possible Walk? The dancing was fun, especially us being a whole group and not only Swedish fans, I have to point out!

Here we are, dancing (it’s not my video)

After that, we were queueing during the afternoon and evening, to get good spots inside. Wow, what a show! I have to say that I like the album Middle of Nowhere better than the album This Time Around (as a whole – even though some of my favourite songs are from This Time Around). But this show was so amazing! I had a good spot a few rows from the stage, my view was so-so, but being so close to the band felt so special!

Two highlights of the evening were If Only and Runaway Run. They are my favourite songs from this album and they are so great live! When Taylor plays that harmonica during If Only… Then I can only shout with joy – inside of me and out loud! The audience got to sing the final verse of Can’t Stop by ourselves. The end of the show, A Song To Sing, was really beautiful and calm. Isaac and Zac stood at the front of the stage during that song, each by his own mic.

Oh, speaking of which – Zac was a little unfortunate during the show… Just when he started singing his solo song I Wish That I Was There his mic stand was broken… So during the first part of the song, he held the mic and mic stand in one hand and played the drums with his other hand (and he also kept singing), until someone from the crew managed to fix the mic stand. That led to some joking between him and Taylor afterwards, as he said it was probably “Taylor who broke it, he’s known for breaking things.” Taylor nodded and said: “Anything that’s made can be broken by me.” Adding that we could interpret that as we liked…

But there was no doubt of what was the main highlight of the evening. In The City. Wow. Just, wow. I never thought I would get to experience that song live, from third row, but now I have. Taylor grabbed his mic and left the piano, and everyone know what to do. Jump. All we had to do was jump. It wasn’t possible not to do it – literally! Taylor’s feet only had to leave the floor once, one little jump, to make the whole audience do the same. I couldn’t stand still – I didn’t want to – but also because it was so crowded and everyone was jumping, so you would go with the rest of the audience, up and down, wheter you wanted to or not! That feeling was amazing, the audience was like one whole synchronized mass!

But the best part of the song was when Taylor came closer to the front of the stage, leaned towards the audience and pointed at himself while singing “Do you love me? Do you love me?” If the audience had been a synchronized jumping mass before, it was now a huge synchronized wave… A wave of fans and hands surging and rolling towards the stage and Taylor. As if everyone – no matter how far back they were standing – was hoping to be able to touch him if only they reached a little further, and if he only leaned a little more towards us. I was crushed from all sides, but I hardly noticed – because I was also so focused on Taylor, that godlike being with an angel’s voice, who was standing right in front of me, asking if I loved him! *cough* I guess I shouldn’t linger for too long on that memory. 😉

Anyway, the show was amazing, better than I had expected, and many parts of it are still etched into my memory as clearly as if it was last week I was there!

And here are some of my photos from that show!


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