Takki Summer Tour – Report from Yoyogi

(A complete fangirl report can be found on my Livejournal. The link will be given to those who ask for it.)

On July 26, I went to a concert in Yoyogi, Tokyo. It was the first concert of Takki’s (Takizawa Hideaki) summer tour – and the first time I saw him live (as in during a whole long concert). It was such an amazing experience – the only thing that could have been better would be a concert with him and Tsubasa together…

I met my friend and some of her friends at Harajuku station shortly before 6 pm, and we walked the short distance to the arena. I hadn’t bought my concert goods yet, so we got into the giant line. I nervously glanced at my watch, wondering if I would get to the front of the line in time for us to reach our seats before the show started. But the Japanese never fail to amaze me – in less than 15 minutes I went away from the line, carrying two sets of every possible concert goods (one set for me, one set for my friend back home). And so we went into the arena. We ended up right behind Takichan, the cute blue fluffy character from TakiCHANnel, who was also walking into the arena at the same time!

We had seats in the back of the arena floor, on the right side. If you ask me, the seats were really good – right in the middle of the back stage and the center stage, and we could also see the main stage, even though the view wasn’t as good. But there were big screens as well. While we were waiting for the show to start, there were video messages on the screens – different persons who did stuff and then said “daisuki!” While we were inside the arena, Takki, Mis Snow Man and Tsubasa showed up in the messages.

As punctual as always, the show started at 6:30 pm. Takki alone was raised throught the floor of the main stage, dressed in white and sitting at a grand piano. There were blue spotlights on him and it was so beautiful! He sang a part of MADONNA as a ballad before he was hidden away in the floor again. A voice boomed out of the speakers, welcoming us and asking us if we were ready, and telling us to create beautiful summer memories together with them! At the same time, things happened on the center stage – a giant cloth was raised towards the ceiling, and when it fell down with a BANG and lots of fire special effects, a group of dancers were on the stage – and Takki was standing in a …something… high above the stage. He was dressed in glittering clothes from head to toe – golden pants and black jacket. During the song (MADONNA) he was travelling from the center stage to the main stage, where he then sang Words of Love. So many feelings at that moment!

Now I don’t want this report to become too long and boring, so I’ll try to mention just the highlights.  Snow Man were the main backdancers and they were introduced during 894…, Takki sang two completely new songs which were mainly in English (CRAZY GIRL and DETROIT), and 12gatsu no hana was so beautiful! The stage was set up in several levels, and there were dancers on each level wearing white clothes and dancing some kind of modern/ballett dance. And then Takki standing in front of them all, singing this beautiful ballad, and on the screen behind him were images of white flowers and stuff.

A few songs later everyone disappeared from the stage and they showed a short video about Takki’s badass long-haired character Socho, who met a cute girl in the school corridor and suddenly went all softie. Directly after that, Takki showed up in the arena as Socho, and he walked through the arena (I mean, on the arena floor) all the way to the main stage, followed by Snow Man who were acting as reporters. A short skit followed, and then he sang Ai kakumei. Then he would get out of the Socho character – and that took some time. He didn’t remove the wig until the 3rd or 4th try. The next song was With Love, so unbelievably beautiful! And with one final glance at the pile of clothes and the wig on the floor, Takki left the stage with his head bent…

Takki performed so many of my favorite songs – both his solo songs and Tackey&Tsubasa songs. One memorable moment was when he sang a KinKi Kids song to a girl who was randomly picked from the audience, and she got to sit on the stage during the song, and then they left the stage together, hand in hand…

Another favorite is KimagureJET! I was happy to see so many pink pompoms in the audience as well, and not just on the stage! This song is so insanely fun – and I really want to thank the amazing person who created pompoms for me as well! I also have to mention REAL DX. It’s a song that I didn’t really love it the first few times that I heard it – but now it’s kind of one of my favourites. It just took me some time… But it’s really just amazing!!

The “last” song was Kiseki – I never thought I’d get to hear it live! It was sooo beautiful, Takki standing alone at the front of the stage, and at the end there was a lot of glitter falling from the ceiling over him. So unbelievably beautiful!

During the encores, Takki and the others wore orange t-shirts. Most of them had the text 滝沢命 (the translation I got was something like “I love Takizawa with all my heart”) – but Takki had a special one with the text 俺命. 俺 means I or me… I loved that t-shirt!

So, I’ll try to write some kind of summary here. But I feel that I don’t have many word left. It was my first ever Takki concert. It was fantastic, amazing, so much fun. Filled with juniors, glitter, love and Tsubasa. Just like I had expected it to be! I’m so happy that I’ll get to see the show once more in few weeks!

Takki Summer Tour 2012

My penlight, ticket and streamers from the concert

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