Michael Jackson Memorial

I’ve been sitting in front of the TV the whole afternoon and evening. First I watched the long documentary movie about The Jacksons, then I watched the memorial ceremony at Staples Center. Unfortunately it was broadcast at the same time as Midsomer Murders so I missed the end of the memorial. That’s a pity, because I read later that Michael Jackson’s whole family had entered the stage. I would have loved to see that.

Now I’m watching the end of the concert they’re broadcasting. It’s also available on DVD, I think I’ll buy it some day. After this there will be one more documentary.

It still feels unreal that Michael Jackson isn’t around anymore. He meant so much to music, and to so many people. I’m not a fan myself, not a real fan, but I still love his music, and he’s “always been around”. So I do mourn him. He was a fantastic singer, a fantastic artist, he was great on stage and he had so much talent. R.I.P. Michael.




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