Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, March 2013

Something very fun that me and my family did when they visited me in Japan in 2013 was that we went to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, just outside Tokyo. It’s a very big aquarium with several houses and areas; one of them is outside where you can see penguin shows, touch the white whale and play with the dolphins. In the big aquarium there are all sorts of fish, jelly fish, turtles, sharks – even seals, whales, different penguins and a sea otter! We watched the show which had a Hawaiian theme – with a penguin, a sea lion, a walrus, whales and dolphins. It was really fun to watch! But my favorite experience was the dolphin tunnel. A long tunnel you walk through and the dolphins are everywhere around you! I love dolphins and this was really a special experience. Some day I will definitely go there again!


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