I’m back in Tokyo!

It’s only for 2.5 weeks of holiday, but it feels amazing to be back in Tokyo! The places, the language, the streets, the shops – the food! All this day was spent together with a close friend who lives here temporarily. Lots of chatting, good food and some shopping. The evening ended at the cinema where we watched 暗殺教室 (“Ansatsu kyoshitsu”), a movie that I have been wanting to see for a long time and I wasn’t at all disappointed. Now I look forward to the sequel that’s being released next year!

Compared to when I lived here *cough* I intend to blog regularly during this trip, just to tell about what I do here. Let’s see how that goes! Here are some photos from today.


I went by bus from the airport to Tokyo yhis time and passed all these fields – that has to be rice fields, right?


Arriving to Tokyo.

Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Ikebukuro, the part of the city where my hotel is and where I spent all of this day.

One thought on “I’m back in Tokyo!

  1. Calum


    I hope you’re still active. I am hoping to go and study in Japan with Go! Go! Nihon next October. Maybe we could talk about it? I have just been sent the forms needed to apply to Go! Go! Nihon (the forms for the school aren’t needed yet) I am hoping to live in Japan and was wondering if you had to come home after a year or could you have stayed? Also how did you manage getting the money needed?

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