Fangirl Moment

Just a few hours ago Tokio Hotel’s new music video for Automatic was premiered on their website (the German version, Automatisch, will be online in a few hours). And I’m sitting here, clicking “replay” over and over again. My happy smile stretches from one ear to the other, my eyes almost fill with tears, and I’m just enjoying the moment…

After having heard the song numerous times I actually think it’s really good. But as I said earlier, I prefer it in German. I was very excited about how the video would turn out, and I must say I’m very satisfied. It’s great! The idea about having robots – I wonder who had that idea. But it was cool.

And I’m so happy that they had performance scenes in this video as well, as they’ve had in all their other music videos. Seeing them rocking it only makes me even more eager to go to their next concert.

By the way, it’s a little scary how enchanting Bill is, both in videos and live.

Here’s the music video:

Tokio Hotel – Automatic

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