My Trip to Japan in 2014

I travelled to Japan for a little more than one week in August 2014. It was a week of concerts, musicals and meeting friends. To start with, I took the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka early in the morning of my first day in Japan, to go to a concert with Hey! Say! JUMP (a male idol group) during their sm3rt Tour – one of their best tours ever according to me. When I returned to Tokyo I went to the musical PLAYZONE, which had its last summer performances ever (the playhouse Aoyama Theatre was closed in April 2015). Those performances were fantastic and I feel very sad that I will never get to experience PLAYZONE live again. My concert and musical visits were alternated with delicious dinners together with several of my close friends. We went to izakaya, and we had shabu-shabu followed by karaoke. Even though it was a short trip, it was definitely memorable!


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