Enoshima (Tokyo), May 2015

One place outside of Tokyo that I could go to over and over again is the island Enoshima. The first time I went there was in November 2012 on a class trip. In May 2015 I went there for the third time, together with one of my best friends. It was a very sunny day, so we walked around most of the island (which is so beautiful!) and had lunch at a small restaurant almost at the top of the island. The food was fantastic – a bowl of oyakodon, which I got explained for me means something like “parent-and-child-dish”. Simply put, it’s a dish where two of the ingredients are connected like a parent and a child. For example, what I had was a bowl of rice with chicken (parent) and egg (child). It sounds a bit barbaric, but it explains very well what the dish is!

After we had some ice-cream (I think I chose apple-mango) we walked back across the pedestrian bridge to the mainland, where the Enoshima Aquarium lies right at the beach. We were lucky and arrived in time to see the sea lion and dolphin show. That must have been the most gorgeous dolphin stadium I’ve visited – no ceiling, and with the ocean and Enoshima in the background!

Then we walked through the rest of the aquarium, to see things like the gigantic sea turtles, the touch pools where we could touch different sea creatures, and an exhibition about deep sea creatures found in the bay outside the island.

When we headed back towards Tokyo the sun was setting – and sunset by the sea must be one of the most beautiful things you could ever experience!


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