Twilight Fan Event @ Stockholm

I won tickets for the Twilight Fan Event in Stockholm, so I was there yesterday. What an experience! But I had both positive and negative reactions…

The MC gets a lot of credit. I didn’t know who he was, but heard that he’s a host on the ZTV channel. Anyway, he was great.

The bands that played during the evening were in the range of okay to good. There was no band that stood out fromt he rest, but they were okay to listen to at the event. It was fun that they played both own songs and covers from the movie soundtracks. And I loved that Eric Saade got to be a part of it at the end! And he sang one of my absolute favorite songs from the soundtrack: Leave Out All the Rest.

I had a standing ticket. But I only stood in line for a few hours, from 1 pm. So I didn’t get to the front in the arena. At first I tried to get close to the catwalk part of the stage, but I realized I couldn’t see anything at all from there. If your’re short, that’s how it is. And it doesn’t get better when everyone in front of you are tall, even though they are 10 years younger than yourself…

The videos they showed on the screens between the live shows were good, but there wasn’t a lot of new material which I was a bit disappointed by. There were some videos about the main characters, and there was a trailer with “exclusive material”. But more than half of that material has already been shown in trailers on the Internet…

But the main event of the evening was the Q&A session with Kristen and Taylor. It took them quite some time to get onto the stage and to get back from there, as they wrote autographs and took photos with almost all the fans who were lucky enough to stand at the front by the red carpet. Everything was filmed and shown on the big screens so everyone could see them. The Q&A session was about 15 minutes long and I filmed most of it. I took a few photos too, but they didn’t turn out too well. I mostly took photos of the screens, and well, such photos don’t have great quality.

But I’m still happy that I got the chance to be there!


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