Road Trip in Northern Sweden

I’m back at home again after a two week long road trip in northern Sweden together with my boyfriend, my sister and her fiancé. We had incredibly fun during the whole trip! We stayed at my grandma and grandpa’s, went on some short outings for the day, and also a longer outing over a weekend. Here’s some of the things we did and experienced during the trip:

  • The Dalacarlian factory in Nusnäs
  • The Thai pavilion in Utanede, Ragunda
  • The troll village in Järkvissle (the museum of the late Rolf Lidbergs – he was my grandpa’s cousin)
  • The Dead Falls, Ragunda
  • The rock carvings at Nämforsen
  • Junsele Zoo – with white lion cubs visiting from Germany
  • A trip to Åsele where I grew up – the village, the school, my old house, visited the neighbours
  • Gammplatsen (a museum village) in Lycksele
  • A few really nice evenings on the camping site in Fredrika
  • Ivar’s car museum in Hoting
  • Visiting my cousins in Laxviken, Krokom
  • A quick trip to Norway (just across the border)
  • Looking for the monster in Storsjön, Östersund
  • The play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with Sven Wollter and Kim Anderzon at the Dead Falls, Ragunda
  • plus a lot of beautiful surroundings and many forests, rivers and falls


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