Per Oscarsson Dead

The night before New Year’s Eve, the house of Per Oscarsson (a famous Swedish actor) burnt down to the ground. A couple of days ago two bodies were found in the remnants of the house. Yesterday it was confirmed that they were the bodies of Per Oscarsson and his wife, Kia Östling. They were 83 and 67 years old.

It feels so sad that they got this ending, dying in a fire. Just as sad as it is that Per Oscarsson isn’t around any longer. It’s true that I haven’t seen the films that made him famous, the films that have him a name in the film business, I’m too young for that. And I haven’t seen his most recent films either because they aren’t the kind of films I like. But I remember him from the films I watched as a kid. Borka in Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter, Orvar in The Brothers Lionheart.

It’s sad.

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