Just Because I Can’t Sleep

Nicknames: Lizzie, Mirre, Jamsan
Living: With my family on a farm in the middle of nowhere ._.
Grew Up: In Northern Sweden
Your Love: Still waiting for him
Sign: Aquarius
Motto: Take each day as it comes
Hair: Shoulder-length, often let out, letting mybang grow
Eyes: Brown
Height: 155 cm
Shoe size: 35/36
Radio show: Don’t know
TV show: Detective series, documentaries
Laughing at: This and that
Board game: Gillioutine
Season: Summer
Partying: No
Yummy food: Pizza, macaroni and cheese, chicken
Disgusting food: Brussels sprouts, mushrooms
Pastimes: MSN, surfing the Internet, taking care of the fanclub, reading
Bad habit: Bad habit? Hm, that I oversleep every day, perhaps?
I would like to kiss: D….
Bus line: 513 and 14
Preferrably sleep: As long as I can
In parties I prefer drinking: Something without alcohol
When I was a kid I used to say: Öpön (don’t ask me what that means, haha!)
Want to be better at: Many things
What’s your life goal? I’ve got problems setting up daily goals, so the life goals will have to wait…
What kind of powder do you use? None at the moment
Did you use some product for your hair today? Yes
How many mirrors are there in the room you’re in now? One
Where are you now? In my bedroom
Did you have a fight with anyone today? Actually no
Was it serious?
Do you miss anyone right now? Yes 🙁
What was the last thing you purchased? Some computer games
Have you been caught shoplifting? No
When was the last time you visited a shop? Today
Did you meet anyone you know? No
Do you like your neighbours? Sure
Do you use ICQ or MSN? MSN!
Which colours is your room? Brown, beige and white
How many computers are there in your house? *counting* Laptops inclusive: eight I think, but I don’t know if they are all working still
When did you last receive a gift? On my birthday?
What was the last drink you had? Tea
Do you spend time with your classmates after school? Not my present classmates, but earlier, yes sometimes
Do you own any shoes with high heels? Yes
What’s your favourite colour? Hm, red, lilac, dark green, dark blue, pink
Do you watch the late night movies on Channel 3? No
Have you received phone threats? No
By whom?
Finesse or Wella? Wella
Absolute Dance or Absolute Music? Absolute Music
What are your plans for the weekend? Sleeping, studying, updating the website, going to the cinema, planning a few trips
Do you have a hairbrush in your handbag? Of course!
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No 🙁
Why are ceilings always white? Because they make the rooms look brighter then?
Do you want children? No
How would your best friend describe you with one word? Fun, I think
Are there many people who always read your web blog / diary? I have no idea
What do you think about Sex and the City? Never watched it
When is your next birthday? In a couple of months
Do people say you look older than you are? Sometimes. More often when I was younger
Have you ever shaved your legs? Yes
Finnish, Danish or Norwegian? Norwegian
What languages can you speak? Swedish, English, German
Would you have silicon breasts? Oh no
What age limit do you think Systembolaget should have? 18
What about cigarettes? 18
Should smoking be allowed in pubs? No
When was the last time you had a cup of coffee or tea? At home: this evening. At a café: 2 weeks ago with D
Do you like 50 Cent? No
Do you keep your childhood albums? Yes, of course!
How many holes/piercings do you have in your ears? 2
Do you swim in lakes in the summers? No

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