Mamma Mia!

Now I’ve also watched this movie, Mamma Mia, which everyone said was so incredibly good. And I agree with them – it was an incredible movie. Kind of a feel good movie. And great music of course. I’ve listened to ABBA since I was a kid, because Mum loved them when she was younger (and she still likes them).

Anyway, they made a great job writing the script and fitting the songs perfectly with all the situations.
The girl was pretty cute, the guy was pretty good-looking. Typical Greek young man, like you imagine them in romantic Greek dreams, I guess?

But the best part was during the ending credits – to see Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgård in those ridiculous clothes, haha! Had I not been at the cinema but at home, I would have laughed so much I cried, but now I tried not to laugh as much as I could…

Mamma Mia

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