Royal Wedding

And so it was time for another royal wedding. Today, England’s prince William married his Kate Middleton. Of course I sat in front of my TV, just like millions of people around the world did. The wedding was like I expected. Huge, long, slightly boring at times, but beautiful. Our crown princess Viktoria and prince Daniel were present among the guests, she was dressed in an apricot coloured dress for a change.

Prayers and blessings were mixed with hymns and choir songs. There were a men’s choir and a boys’ choir. Is there anything more beautiful than a really good boys’ choir? When speaking about singing, I mean. According to me, that’s hard to beat. And this boys’ choir was really good, with sparkling clear voices. It was just wonderful!

I’m sure that Kate was extremely nervous before this wedding – I sure would be if I had to walk twice along that long isle! But she did well, both on her way in and out. Nervous and serious on her way towards the altar, beaming and smiling on her way out of the church.

Being a girl, of course I have to comment on her wedding dress. It was a little different, but amazing. What a handicraft! Designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, made out of silk satin and two kinds of lace. The train was 2.7 metres long. The veil was made of two layers of soft ivory silk with flowers embroidered by hand. The shoes from Alexander McQueen were hand-made. I liked how the upper part of the dress and the sleeves were made of lace but was open in the neck in the shape of a deep v. It looked great on her.

Now I hope that they’ll have a long and happy life together!

Prince William and Kate leaving the church

Prince William and Kate waving to the people

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