A List

Do you promise to be honest? As honest as possible
Your name: Mirjam
Nicknames: Lizzie, Jamsan
What song do you listen to when you’re sad? There’s a few. For example: With You In Your Dreams (Hanson), An deiner Seite (Tokio Hotel), Lucky (Britney Spears).
Obsessions: My computer, especially the Internet.
What do people think about you? I don’t know… Maybe that I’m lazy? Shy? Not very talkative?
Is that correct? That depends. Sometimes I’m lazy. But if I seem lazy for a long period of time chances are rather I’m not feeling well, not that I’m lazy… I’m shy to start with, and in large groups of people. I’m not very talkative to start with either, but for the past few years I’ve become more talkative. At home and among friends I can talk a lot, haha!!
What are you getting the most compliments about? Hm… Usually it has to do with studying or things like that – that I’m a good writer, that I’m organized, etc…
What do you say to impress someone? I usually don’t try to impress anyone.
How could someone impress you? By being himself and not try to impress others. Although, I’m easily impressed by good musicians and singers.
Do you laugh to yourself? It happens, hehe.
What does your last text message say? Did you fall asleep? =(
Where do you live? In the countryside outside of Örebro, Sweden.
Do you like it there? Outside of Örebro: yes. In the middle of nowhere: no. I’d prefer living closer to the city, but still in the countryside.
Do you own any converse? No, not yet.
Hard liquor, cider, wine or beer: None of it, thank you!
Do you usually get too drunk? Drunk?
Are you allergic to anything? Yes – pollen, dust, cats and dogs.
How do you answer your cell phone? Usually: Hey, this is Mirjam. Or: Hello?
Number of hours of sleep last night: 7-ish.
Do you get to places on time? Usually yes, or 5 minutes late…
When do you feel good? When I am with those I love and who love me, and when I do things I enjoy. And when I don’t feel stressed about anything.
When was the last time you were photographed? I don’t remember…
How do you feel now? Stressed out, sick, a little tired even though I just got up.
Most common colour you wear: Blue, different kinds of red/pink/violet.
What do you think about feet? Eh, they are good to have? And they’re okay as long as they are far away from my face.
What do you miss? My darling, and a month without studying and stressing…
Was yesterday evening a good evening? Well, kinda, not really…
Favorite drink in the morning: I usually don’t drink anything in the morning, sometimes a glass of milk. But hot chocolate is not bad.
Do you shave your legs? I don’t shave anymore, but I use an epilator.
When do you usually go to bed? Between 10 pm and 1 am.
Are you shy? Usually yes.
Do you do any sports? Not at the moment. But I used to do horseback riding, dancing and Japanese martial arts.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes.
Have you thrown up in public? No.
What would you do if you were a guy for one day? Haha, no idea! Hang out with other guys and eavesdrop as much as I could to try and understand them?
Are you happy with your life? Pretty happy, I guess… But there are many things I would like to change.
Are you spoiled? Haha no!
What will you be doing tomorrow? Go to visit my darling!!!
Which celebrity do you think is a good role model? I’m not very up to date about celebrities. But out of those I do know about, I think all three members of Hanson are great role models. They go their own way, do what they want and feel like doing, and they don’t care what others think.
What are you longing for? At the moment, the weekend. But of course I’m longing for the summer, and the next concert trip.
Do you have good friends and true friendship? Yes I do, and I’m happy about that! They are not many, but the friends I do have are close friends I don’t want to be without.
What shampoo do you use? Herbal Essences “Rainforest Flowers”
How old are you? 21
Do you like someone at the moment? Yes.
Green or red apples? Red!!!
Do you like golfing? I’ve never tried it.
What time did you get up this morning? Just past 9 am.
Did you sleep in your own bed last night? Yes.
Do you wear socks right now? No.
Is it okay to cry? Absolutely!
When was the last time you cried? *thinking* It must have been some week ago, because I don’t have a fresh memory of it. Some time before last Thursday.
What would you do if you won a million SEK? Pay off my student loans, move into the city, do some shopping (not really that much) and saving the rest of the money.
Do you wear glasses or contact lenses? Almost always contact lenses. I only wear glasses on really lazy days at home…
Do you think it’s important to wear brand clothes? No, I don’t.
Do you have a piercing? No, but I’ve been thinking about getting one. But I do have pierced ears.
Do you want to get married? Someday, I wouldn’t mind getting married.
Do you want to have children? No.
Do you sunbathe often? Not often at all.
Are you good at cooking? Good enough.
Are you afraid of flying? No, and I’m glad I’m not because I love travelling and flying!
How agile are you? Not very much, haha.
Are you good at music (playing instruments/singing/etc.)? Yes.
What do you prefer to drink when you’re thirsty? Loka Lemon or Coca Cola.
What is your favourite ice-cream? Piggelin, Vaniljpuck and Magnum Double.
Do you believe in an afterlife? Well, at least I do believe that there’s something on the other side of death.
Do you like sushi? I have only had home-made sushi once, and I didn’t really like it…
What do you prefer to eat while watching movies? Crisps and Coca Cola.
Do you have a fear of dentists? Yes.
Are you an early riser or a night owl? A mixture. I enjoy staying up late at night in the silence and peace, but I get tired so early in the evening that I can’t stay up that late… At the same time I love getting up early in the morning and have a long day ahead of me with lots of time to do things.
What color are your eyes? Brown.
Have you ever cried yourself into sleep? Yes, many times…
Do you bite your finger nails? Not any longer. I did when I was a child.
Do you smoke? No.
How often do you exercise? Not as often as I should. Just taking a walk a few times a week at the moment. But I will start to exercise more!
What was the last song you heard? An Café – Orange Dream (one of my favourite songs!!)

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