People’s Park Summer with Wells

Robert Wells will go on a people’s park tour this summer! He won’t be coming to Örebro (perhaps because he’ll come here for a concert next Friday?) but he will perform in Motala on August 8. I would really like to go there if I could…

The complete tour:
July 17: Kisa, Folkets park
July 18: Helsingborg, Sundspärlan
July 23: Hunnebostrand, Folkets park
July 24: Sala, Folkets park
July 25: Björneborg, Folkets park
July 29: Kristianstad, Folkets park Sommarlust
July 30: Sävsjö, Kulturhusparken
July 31: Mariestad, Karlsholme Folkets park
August 7: Valdermarsvik, Grännesparken
August 8: Motala, Folkets park
August 12: Värnamo, Folkets park
August 13: Hedemora, Folkets park
August 22: Östersund, Jamtli

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