Pub Night, Picnic and Karaoke

How time flies! And things are happening all the time!

During the past I have studied a lot, had my first test at school, been to a pub night in Takadanobaba, been to a picnic in the Yoyogi park and been to karaoke for the first time! And all the while I’ve met a lot of new and very nice people!

The test was only about spelling correctly with hiragana, which can sound very simple and easy, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Also, you get more nervous when you know that the test, together with the next test on katakana, will determine which class you will end up in for the rest of the term, and thus which level you will be studying on. But it felt like the test went well for me, knock on wood!

On the Thursday evening me and E went to the pub The Hub in Takadanobaba where Go Go Nihon has a pub night every week for those who study Japanese and also for Japanese people, pretty much for everyone who wants to go there and meet. It was really nice and we met several people that we will probably keep in touch with! It was also a nice place, so I will keep going there from time to time.

Yesterday (Saturday) it was time for July’s big Go Go Nihon event: picnic in the Yoyogi park. Every time there’s a new term they organize a big event like this, so that new students get to meet students who have been here for a while and Japanese people who want to meet foreigners. The weather was typically Japanese summer-like – sunny and too hot… But we sat there and ate and drank and talked, and met a lot of fun people! I really look forward to meeting them again!

Right after the picnic, me and E went to Ueno together with some of those we met at the pub, to sing karaoke! It was the first time for me, I haven’t even sung karaoke in Sweden, haha! But this was really fun. You rent a room together with your group of people, and then you sit there and sing for hours and hours! At the place we went to there was even a free drinks menu! I am also glad that we had Japanese people with us who knew how everything was working, so that we didn’t have to spend an hour figuring everything out…

Well, so we stayed there for some hours and sang until we almost lost our voices, and it was so fun! So much fun that me and E decided to get together with some people and go there again – tonight! And this time it will be all night karaoke, as it should be!

2 thoughts on “Pub Night, Picnic and Karaoke

  1. Stila

    All night karaoke… that stuff is dangerous 😉 you’ll start with “one hour please” and before you realize it, you’re taking the 5.30 a.m. train back home 😀

  2. Sofia Östlund /

    Hej Mirjam! Kul att höra att det går bra för dig i Japan!
    Jag är lite avundsjuk på er som kan gå på våra event i Japan, men jag kommer förmodligen att dyka upp där så småningom jag med. 🙂
    Ska bli kul att följa din blogg!

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