Tokio Hotel, Stockholm, September 8 – Part 2

After NRJ I went back to the Central Station and got myself some breakfast, and went online. I didn’t really know what to do during the day, so I stayed at the computer for an hour. Then I thought I could as well take a walk in the city. After a few minutes I got to the hotel where Backstreet Boys used to stay during the 1990′s (a friend told me about it years ago). I could see small groups of Tokio Hotel fans spread out outside the entrance, so I went there and talked to them. They had all decided to stay, and when security guards started putting up fences to keep the fans out of the way, that only made more fans arrive…

I stayed there, as I didn’t have anything else to do during the day. I also found some nice fans to be with. As long as we didn’t disturb the staff or guests at the hotel, I thought it was okay that we were sitting outside, even though it also felt a little wrong…

At noon I went away to join the chat with Tokio Hotel on It was an okay intervju, no really special questions, but there seldom are. Too bad they didn’t have a lot of time. The chat was only 20 minutes and it took a long time between the questions and answers. Which meant they hardly answered any of the 8 000 questions that were sent in! But it was still fun that they chatted with their fans!

Then I went back to my new friends who had kept the spot for me while I was away. I got to know that Kenza had arrived just as I left, she would interview them at 1:30 pm. When I met her in the evening she said the interview had been great, that’s good to hear! It must have been fantastic to intervuew the guys! It’s a dream I still have, and I really hope it will become a dream come true, someday!

Well, we sat there for some more hours. We talked to people who left after having interviewed the guys, got to know that the guys wanted to come out to us but didn’t know if they could, as they didn’t really keep up with their schedule. When I got home I found out that some fans had given up during the afternoon and gone back home. I feel bad for them… The guys actually did come out to us, eventually. But I’m getting there later!

At 4 pm I started feeling sick, because I was so nervous. I revealed to the girls I had been hanging with all day that I would meet the band, in the Meet & Greet. They would see me together with the M&G group in the evening any way, so there was no use in keeping all quiet about it. The girls’ reaction when I revealed it was shock, haha, of course! They were shocked about the fact I would get to meet the guys, and then some of them bursted out “BUT WHY ARE YOU SITTING HERE?!?!?!” Haha, what else would I have done during the day? I’d rather sit together with a lot of fans, having a fun time, than sit alone in the Central Station.

My story from the meeting with the band comes in the next post. I’ll finish this post by saying THANK YOU to all the wonderful fans I met outside the hotel! Daniela, Angeline, “liebe Tomii”, “lillipop”, the girl from Odensbacken, the girls from TU, and everyone else who I sadly don’t remember the names of. (I’m not good at remembering names, sorry!) I had a great afternoon together with you all!

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